Activist 101


Activist 101 is an introductory course that provides fundamental environmental education. This is a required class for individuals entering the Environmental Educator program.

As a participant of Activist 101 you will learn:

· Qualities of an Activist

· Components of Activism

· Types of Activism

· How to Engage Others

· Resources and Venues for Activists

Environmental Educator


The Environmental Educator Program is a series of courses designed to help individuals gain both the knowledge and tools that are necessary to effectively teach others about their environmental footprint and how to think and live Green.

The Environmental Educator Program consists of a series of five courses designed to provide an individual with the information necessary to become an “Environmental Instructor”. Graduates of our
Environmental Educator Program will be fully capable of providing environmental classes using the instructional components that we will provide.

[Title I Scholarships are available for qualified individuals. Must be teaching on a Title I Campus. For additional information please email managing.director@theenvironmentaleducationcenter.com]

The first of three courses is our
Earth Awareness Program. It is exclusive to
The Environmental Education Center and the Environmental Educator Program.

Completion of the
Earth Awareness Program (Courses I, II, III) is necessary to be considered for advancement to the
“Environmental Instructor Program” (Courses IV and V) and both of these courses are by invitation only.

To be considered for the
Environmental Instructor Program one should first complete an
Environmental Instructor Application and then an interview with one of the designated Directors or Managers is completed. Thereafter an invitation to take the course may be granted.

Once an individual successful completes the needed components for Courses IV that individual is then considered an “Environmental Trainer” and an application to take Course V may be submitted.

Once an invitation to take Course V is granted and the course along with all of its components is satisfactory completed this individual is an
“Environmental Consultant” for The Environmental Education Center.

A limited number of ET and EE Scholarships are available for qualified individuals.

NOTE: Environmental Trainer and Environmental Consultants must annually re-establish their credentials as an “Environmental Instructor”. The re-credentialing sessions will be held at The Environmental Educational Center, and at other locations.

In these courses, the individuals will learn:

· How local work can impact the Green Movement regionally and nationally

· How to build local coalitions toward building Green Communities

· How to engage local students and create regional and national impact

· How to assist educational professionals in schools, youth groups, church groups, etc. to develop classroom and outdoor projects

· Where to locate and how to effectively use local resources and reference guides

· How to Accelerate Progress with powerful local and regional networks and associations

· How to provide college level classes and workshops for students and businesses

Environmental Club Management


“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” RALPH NADER

Whether you are looking to start an environmental club or assuming a leadership role in an existing eco-club, this course will teach you how to establish, promote and manage your club.

Some of the areas that will be discussed are:

· Step by step guidelines for starting your own club

· New technologies for organizing and promoting the club

· Leadership qualities and motivating others to help

· Conducting professional and efficient meetings

· How to achieve successful projects and campaigns

[Each campus comes with a single basic membership. Each Environmental Club on campus, is required to have a minimum of one basic membership]

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Green Your Community


Building green communities is not always easy so essential resources and information will be provided in this unique eco-education course. Green Your Community is a very rewarding and satisfying community service. The course is designed to simplify what can otherwise be a very difficult process. Some issues addressed in this course include:

Wildlife Crossings

Community Gardens

Green Buildings

Tree Lined Street

Creating Wildlife Refuges

Reducing Energy Footprints

Establish Green Zones



Train-The-Trainer course is the culmination of Environmental Educator Program. In this course the individual will review all the information taught in the preceding courses: Course I – Green Activist, Course II – Community Warrior, Course III Earth Warrior, Course IV – Environmental Instructor.

As a part of the Train-The-Trainer course the individual will learn . . .

· How to use teleconferencing equipment

· How to write and adjust instructional lesson plans for individual classes

· How to assess the learner and provide positive feedback

· How to use multi-media to enhance the lesson model

· How to use humor to get the point across

AND Much, Much, More

The course is designed for the life-long learner and to provide support where it is needed to produce the consummate educational professional.

About TEEC / The Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center provides seminars and workshops with the primary focus on accredited environmental education.

TEEC is an online environmental educator provider. Environmental courses cover major eco-systems to ecological management. The Center (TEEC) also provides classes in personal development, yoga, healing, Indian philosophies, karate, spirituality, and peace. The Center is considered a peace and environmental sanctuary. The Environmental Education Center will provide onsite classes at Tiesa Village located within each Earth Concert event.

The Center will provide eco-education for students and businesses creating environmental and social change.

Message from: Earth Defense League

“The enforcement and protection of our global ecology is urgently needed if we are to prevent
passing the environmental point of no return. We are asking all individuals and groups
to join and unite with us to bring about social change to save the future for all living things.”
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