Green Your Communities



Our “Green Your Community” is a two day course designed to bring neighbors and local communities together to act in an environmentally friendly manner.

As a course participant you will learn:

· How to set up an ad-hoc committee by talking with your friends, family, neighbors, and other community members about acting in an environmentally friendly manner

· How to organize a neighborhood cleanup

· How to provide nicer looking streets,

· How to promote tree lined streets

· Provide healthier plants and wildlife (and grass)

· How to provide safer, uncontaminated groundwater

· Provide for wild animal crossings

· Orchestrate a community cleanup

· How to build “environmentally friendly” parks and Green Zones for the community as a whole to enjoy.

· How to promote a neighborhood/community garden that everyone can enjoy

· Methods to talk with your neighbors and promote Green

· Methods of forming a casual, non-committal group, Neighborhood Green

· How to promote an informal meeting, discuss your goals and get commitments, and get community leaders to support your efforts.

· How to get local schools and community leaders involved

· How to involve local churches and civic club members in your efforts

· Discover environmental related games to promote the idea of Green among the youth of the community

The cost of the course for Non-Members is only $150 USD per person plus $199 for Instructional Material including CD/DVD, but if there is a local group of ten to twenty then the pricing is only $135 a person and if twenty one to thirty come as a group the pricing is only $125 a person.

Member pricing starts at $100 USD with a Membership Fee of $35 and Members Instructional Material is only $99. Groups of ten to thirty the Member pricing drops to $90 USD and the Instructional Material is also reduced to $90.

For groups over thirty please contact The Environmental Educational Center for special pricing. Also be aware that additional considerations are often needed for TEEC to service larger classes.

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