Question:         How do I go about getting signed up for a class?

Answer:           Simply click on Application and complete a Course Registration Application and then we will contact you to schedule your class.


Question:         Why would I want to become an environmental educator?

Answer:           Environmental education is one of the fastest growing fields for employment domestically and internationally.  By becoming an Environmental Educator you can help people, businesses and communities to embrace the full potential that the green movement has to offer. The Environmental Education Center (TEEC) will train and hire 7,000 environmental educators by July 2011.


Question:         Does TEEC guarantee that I will be hired if I successfully complete the Environmental Instructor, Environmental Consultant or Train-The-Trainer courses?

Answer:           There are numerous factors that TEEC has to take into account before hiring an environmental educator. Some of these factors include the physical location of the individual, their willingness to travel to various locations, the availability and building of support team(s), etc.  So while TEEC can’t guarantee positions for every individual that successfully completes the TEEC environmental educator classes, know that TEEC is aggressively training environmental educators with the full intention of filling as many of these positions as we possibly can.       


Question:         After successfully completing the required courses – if an environmental educator position is not immediately available are there other positions that I will be considered for?

Answer:           Absolutely, there are 2 to 5 support staff and trainers that are needed for each class. Based on an average of 3.5 per class means TEEC is also looking to fill an additional 24,500 support positions.  Until a class opens up it is advantageous for us to fill these auxiliary positions with trained personnel.   


Question:         Why would I want to be involved environmentally?

Answer:           The world is under going dynamic changes, many of them brought about by human activities.  Today the environmental movement is viewed by many as the path to our future. If you would like to be proactive and embrace the green movement by developing a new career, or simply adding additional revenue to your income on a part time basis, or if you simply want to be part of the solution then TEEC provides a clear path toward achieving these goals.


Question:         What’s the difference between an Environmental Consultant vs. an Environmental Instructor?

Answer:           Environmental Consultants are capable of training larger and more sophisticated classes. Environmental Consultants are trained to be able to consulting training  and as a result their compensation program is higher than an Environmental Instructor.   


Question:         How do I pay for these environmental education courses?

Answer:           You can pay on-line, by check, or by phone.  Eco-Points from Global Environmental Network may be exchanged for courses at $1 for each Eco-Point.   


Question:         What are the penalties for not making a class?

Answer:           None provided the TEEC twenty-one day cancellation rule is adhered to.  For cancellation TEEC must receive a twenty-one day notification prior to the class start date.


Question:         Do I need any special equipment to take the classes on-line?

Answer:           A minimum of 1 Gigabyte of RAM is recommended along with a computer microphone stand ($15 USD) or a computer headset with built in microphone ($55 USD). Then a free Skype.com or other communications software may also be required.  Other considerations may include Microsoft Word, Excel, and a printer set up with your computer.


Question:         Do I need to be set up with an outside service?

Answer:           No, except for Skype.com (a free program) the only other items you definitely need are a computer and computer microphone. Again microphones are generally between $15 and $55.  


Question:         Will TEEC assist me in obtaining employment at the end of the course?

Answer:           Yes, in addition to environmental education courses TEEC is a member of The Environmental Community (TEC). TEC has over seventy-two member organizations and all are members of Eco Job Corps. All students and eco-minded individuals should register with Eco Job Corps. “Discover your green path and help save our environmental future”.    



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