Calling All Teachers

Teachers … these courses are designed to assist you promote environmental issues in your classes and assist you in building of environmental content for each of your classes and subject areas

We are seeking all teachers that are interested in environmental issues. The Environmental Education Center works to empower all teachers but most especially teachers of the Biological Sciences, the Physical Sciences, and the Social Sciences. However we are also seeking teachers of English Language Arts and Mathematics as well.

We offer the following courses”

Activist 101 – An introductory course that provides fundamental environmental education and it is requirement before one can be considered for Environmental Educator courses.

The Environmental Educator Program – This program consists of a series of five courses designed to provide the individual with the information necessary to become an “Environmental Instructor” and provide workshops and instructional components for educating and enlightening individuals to save the Earth.

The 1st three courses are part of the Earth Awareness Program, exclusive to The Environmental Education Center and the Environmental Educator Program.

Course I – Green Activist

Course II – Community Warrior

Course III – Earth Warrior

Completion of courses I, II, III are necessary to participate in the “Environmental Instructor” program and it is by TEEC invitation only. An individual may seek admission by contacting a Director or Manager upon successfully completing the necessary components.

Course IV – Environmental Instructor

Course IV brings everything into focus as here the skills you possess as a teacher and the knowledge gained form attending the courses are brought to the forefront. You will be asked upon the completion of the course to assist others in becoming increasingly Green Aware by teaching local classes and participating in seminar and round-table discussions.

Course V – Environmental Consultant

Once an invitation is granted to take this course and all components of this course are satisfactory completed a graduate is then considered to be an “Environmental Consultant” for The Environmental Education Center.

Green Your Community – Building green communities may not always be easy, but with the resources and information you will obtain within this unique eco-education course, you too will find that being green is beautiful.

Train-the-Trainers – This course is the culmination of Environmental Educator Program. In this course individuals will learn how to deliver and train other on what is required to become either an Environmental Instructor or an Environmental Consultant. All previous class material is reviewed and a solid understanding is required to pass. In addition the ability to provide instruction that is both interesting and compelling is also included in this evaluation to graduate this advanced course.

This course is designed to produce the consummate environmental educational professional.

The Environmental Education Center
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